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The “InterRail Global” and “InterRail One Country” passes, are temporarily not bookable on line -please order them, and also Swiss, American, Canadian and Japan Rail passes by contacting us on Tel. 01354 660222 or email 

Because of the relative strength of the £ against the Euro, despite “Brexit”, the 2020 prices for all Inter-rail passes are actually some of the lowest in years! But even greater news for Inter-railers under 26, buying the one-month Global Inter-rail pass – Trainseurope has reduced the cost of this pass still further so you are off on your European adventure for a lot less than you thought!

As all our passes are non-refundable in cases of loss or theft, we send them out using Special Delivery, the cost of which will be added to your order. The current Special Delivery cost is £10.00 per order.

  • New InterRail “Global” and InterRail “One-country” Passes

  • Swiss Rail Passes

  • Berner Oberland and other Swiss Regional Passes

  • Other rail passes –

  • North American Rail passes

  • Australia

  • Canrail passes

  • Japan Rail Pass

  • New Zealand

Interrail Global Passes: Welcome
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